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Adaptive Counseling

Own Your Pleasure 
Dr. Fiona O'Farrell, LMFT, CST-S



Therapy for sexual concerns is specifically tailored to help clients to explore their sexuality and enrich their sexual selves. Therapy for sexual concerns can be beneficial to both individuals and couples. 


Relationship Therapy

Therapy for your relationship can be helpful at any stage in your joint journey. My goal is to provide you with a fresh perspective and enhance your understanding one another’s needs. Couples therapy can help to heal past hurts, mend issues around trust, and improve communication. 


Clinical Training

Do you strive to be an exceptional therapist? 

I help emerging relationship and sex therapists to build confidence and become exceptional clinicians through application-based clinical training and supervision. 


Clinical Supervision

Clinical supervision available to Licensed Marriage and Family Therapy and Licensed Mental Health Counselor Associates in Washington State.

AASECT supervision available to AASECT members and Sex Therapists-in-Training

Therapy Sessions
My Approach

My dedication to therapy is driven by my belief that life's triumphs and difficulties tie deeply into our relationships with our bodies, ourselves, and with others. There is nothing that connects us more to one another than pleasure and intimacy.  And there is nothing that makes us more human than our sexuality. Humans are infinitely capable! We're are naturally equipped to adapt and create lasting change for ourselves---I try to help along the process by examining how we embrace and love ourselves and how we relate to and love one another. 

About Fiona

When I am not working with clients, I am running training retreats for other therapists and teaching courses at Antioch University where I am Director of the Sex Therapy Program.  As a Seattle native, I love spending time both in out of the city.  

Nature does not know extinction.
All it knows is transformation.

Werner von Braun

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