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Relationship Therapy

Navigating our relationships can be both challenging and rewarding. Couples seek out therapy for a variety of reasons. Whether you are just starting your relationship, are facing disconnect with your partner, or have reached a breaking point in your relationship, Adaptive Counseling can help.  I view every relationship as unique with it's own story and I custom fit a therapeutic experience aimed at recharging your relationship and strengthening your bond.  Adaptive Counseling understands the importance of maintaining a sense of self while staying connected to our relationships. I will work together with you and your partner/s to understand your individual experiences and weave them into your shared stories. 


Relationship therapy can be helpful at any stage.  My goal is to provide you with a fresh perspective and enhance your understanding of each other’s needs. Partners can help to heal past hurts, mend issues around trust, and improve communication.  Drawing from your own strengths, I encourage partners to believe they are capable of overcoming the most hopeless of feelings.  Learning the keys to a satisfactory relationship and recognize the importance balancing your personal values with needs of your partner. Relationship therapy can elevate your partnership towards a healthier, more committed, and respectful relationship.

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