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Sex Therapy

Much like our relationships, sex has the ability to bring us closer together but can also push us apart. As our lives become busier and busier, often sex gets left behind. Therapy for sexual concerns is specifically tailored to help clients to explore their sexuality and enrich their sexual selves, access pleasure and enhance intimacy. Therapy for sexual concerns can be beneficial to both individuals and couples.  I will work with you to identify your core sexual self and destroy all of the negative messages we receive about sex in our culture.  Sexuality should be celebrated and embraced.  Sex therapy can help you to feel aligned your desire and address a variety of issues and is specific to each individual.  Together, we will spend a lot of time understanding the experiences you have had that have shaped your understanding of your sexuality--what you want more of and what you would like to leave behind.  

Often, when it comes to sex, the thing we need the most is permission to be ourselves and access our pleasure in a way that feels authentic, connected, and consensual.  I work with you to empower your sexual identity and give it space in your life.  Whether you are queer, gender fluid, straight, kinky, non-monogamous, or just questioning how to even identify yourself, sexual pleasure is a basic right that you deserve to give yourself. 

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