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Fiona O'Farrell, PhD, LMFT, CST-S

My dedication to therapy is driven by my belief that life's triumphs and difficulties tie deeply into our relationships with our bodies, ourselves, and with others. There is nothing that connects us more to one another than pleasure and intimacy. And there is nothing that makes us more human than our sexuality. Humans are infinitely capable! We're are naturally equipped to adapt and create lasting change for ourselves---
I try to help along the process by examining how we embrace and love ourselves and how we relate to and love one another. 


Sexual Health Concerns

Sexuality Education 

Relationship Difficulties

Couples & Relationships

Women's Pelvic Concerns

Coping with Endometriosis 

Queer-Affirmative Therapy

Intimacy Enhancement

Femme-Identified Issues

Pleasure Activism 

Intersectional Identities

Gender Identity

Sexual Orientation and Fluidity

Romantic Orientation

Why Certified?








Certified Sex Therapist are psychotherapists who have received extensive training in sexuality and have enough experience in the field of mental health to be able to respond to a wide variety of sexual concerns and have an open mind about all forms of sexuality. The American Association for Sex Educators, Counselors, and Therapists keeps a list of all certified sex therapists in the United States. 

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