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There is a great misunderstanding that relationship counseling is only for couples who have problems.  Adaptive's Commitment Preparation Package is designed to set up a strong foundation for your relationship so that when problems do come up; you already know what to do.  Most emerging couples I work with say that they are so happy with their partner and can't wait to commit to them--this package will help you hold onto that feeling.  For a full list of package providers click here

What we do in session:

  • Take the time to get to know you and your partner to customize a course specific to your relationship needs.

  • Identify your strengths as a couple and figure out what makes your relationship unique.

  • Build a set of skills to tackle the most common problems that all couples face.

  • Discuss current concerns in a safe and supportive environment.

  • Have fun exploring the possibilities of being a committed couple.

Is this the package for you?

  • Are you an emerging couple trying to find your footing as a pair?

  • Are you recently engaged or planning a wedding?

  • Are you thinking about marriage or a long-term commitment?

  • Did you recently get married and looking for skills to navigate this new chapter in your relationship?

What if marriage or monogamy is not for us?

  • Have you considered premarital therapy but want something more than just guidelines and checklists?

  • This package can be useful to any couple or relationship that is looking to learn the tools for a successful long-term relationship.

  • It is not a requirement to be engaged or preparing for a legal marriage.

  • All forms of gender expression, sexual orientation, and relationship styles are welcome. 

How much does it cost?

$600 covers up to six sessions including an initial 2-hour initial session.


How to get started:

Email for a free consultation.

Are there other providers that offer a similar package?

Yes! For a list of other providers offering a premarital package in the Seattle area, click here. 

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